Class 4a had a shock after dinner today – the classroom was a mess. There was rubbish everywhere! Everyone in class 4a was really helpful and we tidied up in no time. We then looked at sorting the rubbish we had collected into different categories, including by material and by what can and cannot be recycled.

We then looked at a couple of websites which were mentioned on the packaging we sorted…

Kellogg’s recycling website
Recycle now

Have a look at them – is there anything more you could recycle?

Class 4a’s Recycling Afternoon on PhotoPeach

Earth Hour 2012

Our topic next term will be all about sustainability. We will be taking part in lots of fun learning activities to see how our lifestyles impact the environment.

To get you thinking about the topic you might want to have a look at this website:

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a yearly project led by the WWF which aims to get people to switch off their lights and any non essential electrical appliances for an hour. Earth hour 2012 takes place on Saturday at 8:30pm. What could you switch off?