Welcome back!

Hi class 4a, I hope you all had a good half term.

It will be great to be back tomorrow. Here are just a few reminders for the next half term:

– PE is every Monday, make sure you have your PE kits please.
– Swimming continues every Thursday, from now on you will only be excused with a Doctor’s note.
– On this Tuesday we are having a special day to celebrate the end of our topic. You may bring a change of clothes for the afternoon.
– Learning logs are due EVERY Thursday. Learning log club takes place every Tuesday dinner time.
– Dinner money is due every Monday.

Carnival masks

Class 4a Carnival Masks! on PhotoPeach

We’ve been really busy for the last few weeks making carnival masks. We started with pieces of cardboard cut into a mask shape, then moulded a face shape using PVA glue, water and toilet roll. We then covered the whole thing with mod roc. We left them for a few days to dry and then painted them with metallic paints. Finally we added the feathers and glitter to make them really colourful and sparkly.

We hope you like them!

Half term learning logs

I hope you are all enjoying the start of your holiday!

Here is a link to the Peace Mala website which I talked about on Friday…


If you can have a look, it might help you with your learning logs. Keep checking this blog, I will add new links and ideas when I see them. If you have any questions post them on here and I’ll do my best to help.

Rainforest or Carnival?

This half term we have been learning about Brazil. We started off by transofrming class 4a into an aeroplane and we flew to Brazil. On the way we saw some of the sites and sounds of Brazil on this video:

If you could visit Brazil what would you like to see?

Happy new blog!

Welcome to class 4a’s blog pages. This is a fantastic new way of communicating with people for everyone in our school. We will be using these pages to showcase our work, develop learning opportunities and to hear from you. What would you like to see on here? Tell me by commenting on this post!

I can post videos, photos, sound clips, link to other websites or simply ramble on like this. Make sure you keep checking these pages for updates. I will post anything which I think might help you with your learning logs or suggestions for you to further the learning which has taken place in school. If you find anything helpful tell me, I would like to learn more too!

I’m really looking forward to posting examples of your work on here – your work is brilliant and by posting it on here it will be available for your friends and family to view wherever they are.

If you would like to view some examples of blogs which have been up and running for a while click on the link below:


Our blog can be every bit as good as these, and the more you all contribute the better it will be! As we devlop links to other schools we will post them on here so we can all share our ideas.

Happy blogging!