Bamzooki calculator game

Hi 4a, I hope you all have a great weekend.

We will be using calculators in numeracy next week. If you want to try some calculator based activities have a look at this Bamzooki game.

Good luck!

Gold Book!

This week’s stars are Ammaz for taking great pride in his work, and Komal for a big improvement in her handwriting. Well done and keep up the good work!

The Golden Pen Award!

Yes, it’s that time of week again! This week we have not one, not two, but THREE Golden Pen Award winners. Well done to Ethan and Hamzah for a massive improvements including some great joins and to Mariyah who always writes beautifully.

The Olympic Torch relay

Sorry you all had to sit through all those boring speeches today, at least we eventually saw the flame being lit. To get you in the Olympics mood here is the BBC’s trailer for the Olympic Torch Relay. The music is by a local band you may have heard of…!

We will be following the torch around the UK on a map in the classroom. Does anyone know where it will begin its journey?

Gold Book!

Well done this week to Ellie D and Liam. Ellie was chosen for showing a great interest in our science topic of habitats and bringing in her microscope so we could look at some soil samples in great detail. Liam was also chosen for science, he managed to find loads of living organisms in his soil sample and in the habitat we have been looking at.

Our playing field wall…


Class 4a had a shock after dinner today – the classroom was a mess. There was rubbish everywhere! Everyone in class 4a was really helpful and we tidied up in no time. We then looked at sorting the rubbish we had collected into different categories, including by material and by what can and cannot be recycled.

We then looked at a couple of websites which were mentioned on the packaging we sorted…

Kellogg’s recycling website
Recycle now

Have a look at them – is there anything more you could recycle?

Class 4a’s Recycling Afternoon on PhotoPeach

Gold Book time again!

Congratulations to Shiza and Asad for excellent use of adjectives in writing a disgusting school dinner menu. Here are some examples of the food they suggested:
– Mashed up rotten vegetables with sticky grilled wood
– Glowing frog jelly with rotten cheese
– Dirty toe nail with hairy caterpillars


The Golden Pen Award!

Congratulations to Christian and Moez for winning this week’s ‘Golden Pen Awards’! Moez has got it for a great improvement in handwriting and Christian for trying really hard – well done!

What can you see in this picture?

Class 4a have been looking at habitats. Have a look at this picture – how many living organisms can you see in it?