Gold Book!

Slightly overdue, but well done to Mohsin and Aqsa who have been chosen this week. Mohsin has been really kind and caring to his friends, and Aqsa has made amazing progress in swimming!

Complete the sequences…

Post a comment to complete these sequences, try to explain your answers:

a) H, M, K, P,__,__
b) 4, 8, 6, 12, 10,__,__
c) A, B, D, G,__,__
d) 2, E, 8, K,__,__
e) d, c, f, e, h, g,__,__

The fastest blind man on Earth!

We had an inspirational day today, meeting Steve Cunningham, the fastest blind man on the planet! If you would like to find out more about Steve and his amazing achievements have a look at his website:


Class 4a’s survey

Hi, please could you take a couple of minutes to fill in our short questionnaire. It is anonymous and all we are doing is using the results to create graphs and charts in our numeracy lessons.

Gold Book!

Well done to Sidrah and Raees who have been chosen this week. Sidrah has just completed her first week at Lowerplace and has settled in brilliantly. Raees has once again produced some fantastic work in in his learning log, as he does every week!

Squares and triangles!

How many squares and how many triangles? Leave a comment with your answer…

The Golden Pen Award!

Two winners this week… well done to Komal and Asad. Both for trying their hardest and showing a huge improvement in their handwriting – congratulations!

Safe search engines

Here are three search engines which have been designed for use by children. I have posted permanent links on the right hand side. I would like to encourage you to use these sites whenever possible.

Yahoo Kids
Google Safe Images

Climate change and our weather

Last week many of you did some fantastic research about climate change. Today we will look at how climate change might affect our day to day weather.

I want you to do some of your own research using this new google site designed specially for children:


Post a comment explaining how you think climate change might change the weather we experience in this country.

More useful links