Lowerplace blogs

Hi, please take a minute to have a look at all the other fantastic blogs which we are now developing. Each class has one, so does Mrs Earl, Mrs Hanes, Mrs Kelly, The Office and the School Council. You can get to them all from the index here:


Have a look at class Ra’s drawings:

Class Ra

World War 2 Diary

Holly ww2 diary

This is Holly’s World War 2 diary – it looks great!

Attention star gazers!

For those that are interested in the night sky, there is a great opportunity to see all five visible planets in one night. Can anyone tell me what they are?

Wouldn’t it be great to see them in more detail…?

Have a look at this link for more information:


Maths multiplication squares

Maths multiplication squares on PhotoPeach

Today we had a look at multiplication squares – here are some examples of the squares we made!